Complete in every sense!

Your life revolves around your family. With growing teenage children, the need to look into their well-being and ensure that their all-round nutritious needs are met becomes all the more pertinent.

Relishpro as a complete health drink is loaded with ingredients such as Whey Protein Concentrate, Malt Extract, Inulin, Maltodextrin, Cocoa, Sugar, Starch, FOS, DHA, Vitamins and Minerals. 100% vegetarian and free from all preservatives, Relishpro mixes effortlessly with both hot and cold milk to deliver complete and uncompromising nutrition!

Energy, anywhere…anytime

Relishpro is a complete health drink that brings significant research and carefully balanced wellness to it. With active ingredients that include whey protein, DHA, vitamins, anti-oxidants and minerals, Relishpro delivers the essentials for a healthy and ‘nutritionally complete’ lifestyle.

Uniquely formulated with 20% whey protein from pure cow’s milk, Relishpro is an active food supplement working best between meals. With a delicious chocolaty flavour, rich biotins and DHAs to boost immunity, help develop stamina and improve general health, Relishpro is nourishing, cosy and comforting – all in one!

Maximise your health and fitness

In the busy world we live in, with a career, family and numerous other ‘commitments’ to balance, where is the time to take care of oneself? How to achieve good health and ensure that you do not get tired, without resorting to expensive supplements?

Relishpro is the answer

Packed with vitamins, minerals, whey proteins and goodness, Relishpro is excellent for the coffee or tea breaks and offers the perfect and ‘filling’ balance. 100% vegetarian with no preservatives whatsoever, tasty, wholesome and healthy, Relishpro is the whey to go!

Age is just a number

At the sunset of life, the ability to discern objects with a fine and aesthetic sense comes in. Yet, ageing is also fraught with ailments and pain.

Saturated with active ingredients that improve metabolism and general health, Relishpro is a perfect drink that can be trusted with your health. Easy to prepare, with the ability to be made warm or cold, Relishpro is gently nourishing and restorative.

Relishpro with the perfect balance of nutrition and goodness thus delivers the reassuring touch and cheer to the body and mind! Not to forget the yummy chocolaty taste that is smooth yet balanced and self-assured.